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James von Stein UX Examples - Copywrite protected - Not for reproudction or copy


Project - MOBIfuse

Working with a small start-up team with a non-engineering technology background, I developed a slide deck to explain how the business platform MOBIfuse would function as a real-time, messaging system to reduce lengthy email with messaging app for in field sales team.  MOBIfuse was is the conceptual stages of development.


The purpose of the slide deck and wire frames were to explain to venture capital funding the branding and technology hurdles ahead using white label technology platforms and how MOBIfuse would be competitive with technology features.

Project - eMail Template

Action: Client discovery and best practice methodology based on client data and insight to analytics, open rate, click through, unsubscribed rates, and mind mapping exercise.


Result: An increase open rate to 29% and a 52% increase in clicks using art boards with bold images to link to action items and promotions on service platforms.

Project - Biortus Biosciences

Dual language [Mandarin and English] Drupal Programmed with CMS in dual language.  These wire frames were created by me in a leadership role using mind-mapping, collaborative efforts in a session in Wuxi, China in 2011-2012.  The main objective was creating a secured, global website with real-time work flow project stats for pharmaceutical based clients and employee.  As well, the site foundation of the branding and marketing engine for business development.

View branding video: WATCH

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